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Free TON is an ultra-fast next generation blockchain capable of handling millions of transactions per second. It is… by freetongct

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Free TON - peering blockchain with native token TON Crystal

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Free TON is an ultra-fast next generation blockchain capable of handling millions of transactions per second. It is notable for its security and scalability, and is friendly both for ordinary users and large startups. Do you think that only Ethereum can accommodate countless smart contracts and tokens of different formats? No, Free TON is a huge distributed supercomputer, which due to its technical characteristics can give a forum to all current top blockchains.

Free TON was officially launched on May 7, 2020 , when approximately 1000 community members signed the " Declaration of Decentralization ". The project has nothing to do with the activities of Telegram Group Inc ., although it is based on the blockchain protocol, which was developed by the famous programmer Nikolai Durov and can be used by anyone, because the code is publicly available on Github . Many people consider Free TON to be a fork of TON, but it is not, because the TON was never launched.

What about architecture?

The basis is a decentralized operating system called "TON OS", which is a kind of middleware interface (layer) between users and the blockchain network itself. It is possible to draw an elementary parallel with the computer: the blockchain is "hardware" and "TON OS" is Windows for users.

For application development on TON OS there is a whole set of tools: compilers with Solidity, C++, databases, SDK, etc.

Another feature of the OS is the TON Surf user interface which is similar to the Linux interface. It has several ready-made secure applications: browser, wallet and chat.

"TON OS" is open source software that can be modified and improved by anyone. Decentralization, it is.

Who are we?

Free TON Global Community Subgovernance - a community that consists of professionals in different fields: bounty, content and community managers, moderators of blockchain forums, partnership organizers, authors, translators, owners of social media from different parts of the world.

We plan to expand 4 main areas, which are aimed at popularization and promotion of Free TON, growth of active community, launch of local programs and new partnerships. Our goal is for these areas to be continued by the community itself on a continuous basis in all regions of the world.

1st direction: Aggregators

New partnerships and listings at popular aggregators, services, exchanges and platforms, swap services and crypto wallets.

The following partnerships are already in place:

there are 12 in total Exchange

Voting on the Atomars Exchange

At the moment, negotiations are underway with Blockchair (multiblockchain explorer) to add TON Crystal.

2nd direction: Work with Ambassadors

In a short time, about 100 applications from ambassadors from all over the world were collected. These people are ready to get involved and launch programs in their countries. Our task is to select the best programs and organize their launch.

Also, our goal is to speed up decision making on activities and quick launch of programs and proposals from local ambassadors. In current realities propozal can hang on the consideration of more than a month - it affects both the motivation of ambassadors, and the growth rate of Free TON popularity.

3rd direction: Support for Free TON on forums

At the most reputable crypto forums, participants will be selected to help newcomers in studying the Free TON project.

Participants in this contest will have 2 main tasks:

In the future, we plan to remove the rewards for the support and engage community as much as possible to help newcomers and bust communication with other forum participants.

The main task is to instill in the ambassadors a desire to start helping newcomers on a voluntary basis. To work on the forum at the first stage high ranked members of each forum will be selected.

All activity will be absolutely transparent, there will be reports on all performed actions and rewards distribution.

4th direction: Social network expansion

We plan to grow:

For each network we will select a limited number of participants - 30 people who will pass the selection and create content.

We plan to rotate groups within a certain period of time and attract local ambassadors to join the work as quickly as possible.

In the first month alone we plan to attract around 1500 new participants and organize work with local ambassadors.

After approval, we immediately launch the first contest for promotion and launch the contest on the jury. In this way we will be able to see those who work effectively, their actions and who are worthy to be on the jury.

Good day to all!))

Links to our community:

Telegram channel Telegram community Twitter

General links:

Website -

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